Retarget: MoreCustomers

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Drive Repeat Business with Retargeting

Don’t let your customers slip away after their first visit. Our retargeting strategies at AUTO CLICKS bring them back for more, turning one-time services into long-term relationships.

You'll require a few of these services according to your needs.

Strategically retarget them for cheaper repeat business.

1. Email Retargeting Campaigns

Crafting personalized email campaigns targeting users who have interacted with your business but haven’t converted yet. This can include sending targeted offers, reminders about abandoned carts, or follow-up information after initial inquiries. Benefits: Keeps your brand top-of-mind, encourages repeat visits, and improves conversion rates.

SMS/Mobile Retargeting

Sending targeted text messages to customers who have opted in. These messages can include special offers, appointment reminders, or updates about new products and services. Benefits: Direct and personal way to reach customers, high open rates, and immediate engagement.

Remarketing Ads on Social Media and Google

Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to show ads to users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your online content. Benefits: Increases brand recall and encourages return visits, particularly effective for visually appealing products or services.

Custom Audience Targeting

Creating custom audiences on platforms like Facebook based on specific behaviors, such as visiting a particular page on your website, and targeting them with tailored ads. Benefits: Highly targeted advertising, leading to higher conversion rates.

Seasonal Service Reminders

Seasonal service reminders: Check battery in fall and book winter tire swap. Get pre-Christmas and pre-summer travel service and back-to-school service. Benefits: Timely reminders for a powerful purpose – precise and engaging. Remind yourself to get it done.

Exclusive Offers

Developing exclusive offers for returning customers or those who have shown interest in your products/services. Benefits: Enhances customer retention and encourages repeat business.

Content Retargeting

Providing valuable content such as blogs tailored to the interests of your site's previous users. Articles on vehicle maintenance and the benefits of preventative maintenance are excellent choices. Benefits: Of this approach include establishing authority, engaging your audience, and nurturing leads.

On-Site Behavioral Triggers

Implementing pop-ups or triggered messages on your website based on user behavior, like attempting to leave the site or spending time on a specific page. Benefits: Captures attention at critical moments, can reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment.

Tailored service plan to fit your specific needs. You may not need all the above-mentioned services, so once we begin, you'll have the appropriate retargeting plan in place.

Remarketing Ads: We craft compelling ads that reach past visitors on the web, reminding them of your quality service.


Keeps your brand top-of-mind, encourages repeat visits, and improves your revenue.

Incase you didn't know !

Email Marketing is an Essential Part of Keeping customers returning to you, and keeping in contact with them.

Retargeting isn’t just about bringing customers back; it’s about creating an ongoing conversation that builds trust and cements your place as their go-to mechanic.

Retargeting is extremally important

Don’t play hide and seek with people who are searching for you

Be seen and grow your business, youve worked hard and earned it !