Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for Auto Businesses


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Welcome to the fast track of online marketing with AUTO CLICKS. Our PPC services are specifically designed to put your auto business in the spotlight, driving traffic and conversions through targeted, efficient advertising.



Pinpoint Precision: We identify and target your ideal customers, ensuring your ads reach the right audience.
Visual Display: Engaging, auto-centric ad designs that capture attention and spark interest.

Quickly get customers

The saying goes "businesses that spend money make money" that's because advertising is more important today than ever before.

Real-Time Results:

Management Services Offered

Instant Traffic

See an immediate increase in website visitors and potential leads.

Performance Tracking

Detailed analytics to monitor and adjust campaigns for peak performance.

Budget-Friendly according to your needs

Flexible budgets that align with your business goals.
Get the most out of every dollar spent with optimized ad strategies.

compete at the top of Google results page!

If you are not at the top of googles first 6 results, you're in danger of loosing significant opportunity

No Long-Term Contracts

Pay as you go model NO long term contracts.

Dedicated Account Manager

We provide expert advertising while communicating your needs accurately.

Lets Get Going!

Jumpstart Your Google Advertising Journey to the top with Auto Clicks.

Are you looking to accelerate your auto business’s growth and steer ahead of the competition? Our specialized PPC strategies are the fuel you need. With targeted ads, budget-friendly campaigns, and real-time results, we’re here to boost your online visibility and drive significant traffic to your service. Don’t idle on the sidelines; click below to start your journey towards higher visibility and increased revenue with AUTO CLICKS.


Why Not harness the pure Magic of A well planned Paid Advertising strategy that delivers results ?

We guarantee a happy return on the Pay per click dollars spent !

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding Advertising from Mobile auto businesses


PPC means : Pay Per Click.  for every click you get from a potential customer, you get charged a free.  you only get charged if the customer clicks the ad and goes to your site or calls you from the ad. 

Results as a s good as instant, however optimization and improvements are on going. That’s the beauty of Paid advertising. 

That’s our job, we will send you a form to fill in. This form contains all the information, required to get started, well ask you all about what you want to achieve. 

Ads are covered in our monthly plan, with the website. fortunately for us, you pay a flat fee unlike others that charge a percentage. so you pay us for running the ads and pay google for showing the ads. then you get paid when the customer chooses your business. 

Want to Get a PPC Management Proposal from Auto clicks?

Lets Help you make the right decision. We analyze your business for free and let you know if we can assist you.