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Auto Clicks: Where we specialize in helping mobile mechanics and mechanic shops build a strong online presence and attract more customers. Whether you’re new to owning an auto repair or maintenance business or seeking dependable solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin your journey toward success!

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Who We Are

We are a small team of digital marketers who have built a service called AutoClicks. Our goal is to bring high-quality marketing to the auto industry so that mechanics who choose us can easily reach new heights and accomplish more with a brand that stands out and attracts potential customers.

We take pride in our A.C.R strategy that showcases a clear journey: drawing in Potential Customers, Making them say yes ! and ensuring they return.

Attract More

You get a crafter marketing plan. This helps drive potential clients. 

Convert Potential

Convert potential clients into Customers! With the help of an informative website.


Finally: Our retargeting text service keeps customers coming back.

Our team is driven to exceed your expectations with our exceptional range of services. We are eager to adapt to your unique needs and deliver outstanding results.

Pay Per Click

If you want to attract new customers quickly, Google Ads is the perfect solution!

Search Engine

Get Found Online: Simple SEO for Mechanics


Stay Connected, Drive Business: Easy Email Marketing for Mechanics


Website design and optimazation

Social Media

Get Social, Get Seen: Hassle-Free Social Media for Mechanics


Not Just SEO but a Logical  SEO plan. that saves money long term. 

Its not what you can do for us but what we can do for you !

How We Can Help You

Our solutions are unparalleled. We are the ultimate automotive marketing business focused on one thing – your success in attracting customers and standing out online.


Not just a marketing company

We believe in the power of our automotive expertise to create solutions that fulfill your needs. As mechanics who understand every aspect of cars, our goal is to inspire you with our knowledge and experience to achieve the perfect tailored solution. You deserve a team behind you that understands your needs.

Taking Off

A few of the companies we help

Getting Started

Let's kickstart a conversation! Discover what you need to unlock your success. We have numerous ways to assist you, and a simple conversation is all it takes.

Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans




Website and some SEO




Basic + Google Ads




Boost + Basic + Social media

Premium Plan


Multi-person team. 

The Best Mobile Automotive Marketing company arround

Don’t play hide and seek with people who are searching for you

Get Elite Mobile Mechanic Marketing help and advice.