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Struggling to Find New Customers

Finding it hard to get a consistent flow of customers, not enough customers or just increse your customer base?

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Our expertise lies in attracting quality customers. With our deep understanding of the Automotive industry, you can rest assured that you will have experienced professionals working alongside you.

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It's about consistency. Quality inquiries leading to quality sales and long-term, quality customers. That's where our QI-QS-QC plan comes in - it will help us help you long-term.

Unlock Your Business Potential: Don't Let Inferior Competitors Outshine You

Seeing other mobile mechanics thrive or outdo you in Google rankings can be disheartening, and it definitely impacts your business and morale. Regardless of your expertise as a mechanic, if your marketing isn't effective, even less skilled competitors with strong marketing can overshadow you. This may seem unfair, but the reality is that marketing is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can make your superior skills and experience stand out. Without strong marketing, your business could be at risk, and that's a frightening thought.

Fortunatly you have us !

Ease Your Mind: We've Got Your Marketing Covered

Rest assured, with our expert guidance, your business is in the safest of hands. Imagine a sense of peace as your marketing worries fade away, knowing we’re here to elevate your rightful place in the market. Together, we’ll ensure your superior service shines brightest

1. Google ADS

Google Ads is the fastest way to bring in new business.

2. FB Ads

Will millions of users Facebook marketing is a key location.

3. SEO -

Search engine optimization is critically important for bringing everything together.

4. Google my business

People will always look at your google listing to findout who exactly you are. we will make sure its constantly updated, and images are well optimized to impress.


Via branding, you'll standout from the part timers that are hear to ride the wave. you'll be knows by your unique branding and consistent marketing efforts.

6. Live Chatbot on your site

Just like chat GPT. have Your own Chat GPT for all your information on your site, all for a low nominal fee.

advertising strategies

Get a free analysis of your business

Once you provide information regarding your business, we then spend a few days learning everything about your business and tell you where you’re going wrong, all for the fee of $0! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Management Fee Structuture

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We never require long term contracts. We work month to month with confidence, knowing we will earn your business every month. Our ultimate goal is to drive your business towards unwavering success.

Auto clicks is the essential tool for every mobile mechanic. We understand your needs as well as your customers’ desires. Consider us your forceful ally in boosting your business.

We confidently plan every detail of your marketing campaign, from designing your logo and optimizing SEO to creating impactful ads and engaging websites. Our approach even includes retargeting text messages to bring customers back to you.

Experience an all-new level of amazing with our comprehensive form. We gather all the necessary information to take your business to new heights with confidence.

Our pricing is customized to fit your unique needs, regardless of whether you’re a sole proprietor or a larger organization. We strive to collaborate with you rather than push you away, and we’re confident in our ability to do so.

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