About: Auto Clicks

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brief history of our business. How and why it was founded.

Our Story

Auto clicks was never in my vision as a business, being a marketer was never my focus, but the industry of Automotive marketing chose me and I’m glad to be an automotive marketer after 4 years of marketing. I’m a British Canadian Mechanic that graduated from Mid Florida Tech as a Mechanic !  While setting up my first automotive business in Canada i faced so many problems that i really wished i had a person to take away all that pain of marketing and finding customers. but little did i know, my reading and learning at 4-5 am daily before work, set me on my way to help other mechanics. i feel honored to serve my fellow mechanics. 

solo Team !

I run solo ! i do it all my self with the help of programmers, engineer’s and software providers. My lovely wife Amina helps me with Graphic design and constant website testing and evaluations. and together we create a better marketing experience for mechanics. Below is the office where i make dreams come true ! 

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Our Values

Our core values are simple: treat clients like family, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, be there every day to make a difference, and treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. A satisfied client is a huge win for us.

Our Approach

  • My approach is always guided by trends. Understanding trends and developing strategies that help us achieve results for clients is my focus.
  • I am constantly looking for new techniques and ways to bring better results, because keeping our clients happy is amazing!

Our Achievements

  • Our most Sucessful project is helping our First client GB Mobile Auto and truck repair, significantly grow his sales. this was an amazing feeling when we got the call to say “keep doing what you’re doing !!!”
  • My personal Success has and will always be – having the automotive and marketing knowledge that is assisting my fellow mechanics archive what they set out to achieve when opening their own businesses 

Connect With Us

You are welcome to get in touch with me whenever you like, be it for a quick chat about Automotive marketing. I’m an approachable guy who is there to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to see you successful more than anything else, and then the service fee is worth it. It becomes a win-win situation for me!